High Peak Fruit And Veg Exchange

High Peak Fruit And Veg Exchange

Welcome to High Peak Community Fruit and Vegetables Exchange, the online fruit and veg exchange that allows residents and communities of the High Peak to share more easily their surplus home-grown produce from their gardens and allotments and to reduce waste.

Participation in the exchange is free.  All you have to do is create an account (with a login name and password) on this website and then post a request to join the Fruit and Vegetable Exchange Group.  Once accepted simply post an item of surplus fruit and/or vegetables in the Forum and an email will be sent to all participants (whether or not they have posted an item that day).

This online exchange operates a simple, common-sense code of conduct that you must agree to when you sign-up.   This aims to protect the exchange from abuse or commercial exploitation.

The rules are:

  1. Only fruit and vegetables may be posted and exchanged through this website.
  2. All produce offered must have been grown by the person posting on the exchange.
  3. Produce should be harvested as freshly as possible (preferably on the day of exchange) or in the case of orchard fruit not to be stored for longer than 14 days prior to exchange.
  4. No produce offered through the exchange is to be sold.
  5. Commercial retail or wholesale fruit and vegetable businesses are not permitted to use the exchange.

If the exchange is successful, we may change the rules in future to allow some other forms of produce to be shared.

Please do try to exchange with people in your own area/town to avoid unnecessary food miles and walk or cycle where possible.

Disclaimer: please note that Glossopdale Action for Allotments cannot be held liable for any faulty or sub-standard produce exchanged; all exchanges made are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Otherwise, we wish you happy foraging on this website!